Let me start this article with a personal note. I never intended to be a graduate in history as i always thought it boring and exhausting . But fate had something else . I remember my history teacher used to tell me that history teaches us  “what not to do”  and it  “reminds us of our mistakes”  .  But now I think what  if  our  history  books are fraud and does not reflect the complete image  or  the  vested conspiracy  behind  any incident ,  How can we really judge the incident if we are deceived again and again  through  false  propaganda ??

Indian history books can be equated with scams as i think 60-70%  books are filled with false heroes and gods and if not a scam then nothing less than that .

If you are really an Indian , a German or  anyone  you  must read this as  , this is related to any human who has the ability to judge between a ruler and a tyrant .

We know very well what Britishers did to Indians , Germans , Africans and rest of the world .

We also no how Americans and Britisher were and are puppets of Jewish supremacism and Israel . We Indians are also victim of  same Zionist propaganda machinery from past 200 years. Never forget our not so beloved  PM  MANMOHAN  SINGH  was  also a Zionist stooge .

I would like to draw your attention towards two incidents or can be called as sins , real holocaust carried out by Britishers  under Winston Churchill , who was an opium consumer , a war monger  and hated Indians and so do his other enemies .And let me remind you his mother was a Jew  , so the criminal DNA is bound to be behind Churchill’s monstrous head . But Mr. Churchill didn’t knew there will be an internet age and his sins will be revealed to the world . Our academic  books will not tell you about the great Bengal Famine of 1943-44 and Dresden bombings of 1945 , some of many war crimes done by  Churchill . These  stories  will  remind you of the devil that resides inside human’s head just for creating its supremism among people . This story is an example of  inhuman behavior of rulers.

It was year 1943 , when famine struck Bengal . This was nothing new to Bengal as it had seen world’s severe and disastrous famine in 1770 when 1 crore(1/3rd population )  people died starving . But 1943 Was a man made famine .

Starving families sitting in the hot scortching sun


Bengal famine 28

Bengal famine 20



People were out on streets looking for any kind of food that they get to survive , doesn’t matter if it was garbage . Starving children with skinny skeleton body were on streets looking for help and a piece of bread . In a BBC documentary a victim described a scene where a baby was trying to drink milk from mother’s breast , but child didn’t know that her mother was dead . The situation was so worse that there were no one to cremate dead bodies of people . Vultures partied on these corpses . Railway stations and health centers were hoarded with dead bodies .

Who cares about these starving souls ??  Who cares about Bharat Mata  ??

Do we Indians have the courage to stand against Britishers ?? Our high class wanna be GORA SAHIBS have the courage to stand for their country ??



People remember all sorts of manipulated data propaganda of Jews getting killed by Hitler and keeps boasting about their 60 lakhs data , which itself is no doubt a deceitful number . The world at the same time forget the Man-Made famine of Bengal of 1943-44 .

Churchill’s divide-and-rule policies found fertile ground among India’s Muslims. For decades, British conservatives had sought to deepen India’s inherent settlement in order to weaken the violent independence movement. For instance, in 1905 Viceroy Curzon planned to partition Bengal province along religious lines, so as to enhance rivalries between Muslim landowners in its east and Hindu nationalists in its west. He also encouraged the formation of the Muslim League as a counterweight to the dominant nationalist party, the Indian National Congress.

A prolonged agitation led to Bengal being partitioned instead along linguistic lines. But then the colonial government introduced separate electorates for Muslims—that is, every Muslim in British India was required to vote for a Muslim. The measure favored separatists, who could get elected by appealing to narrow sectarian sentiments. The British subsequently introduced separate electorates for other groups as well, but the effort was partially repulsed.

So although Churchill was interested in exploiting diverse social structure, he concentrated on widening the Hindu-Muslim rift—which he regarded as “the bulwark of British rule in India.” When Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the leader of the Muslim League, called for a separate nation of Pakistan, Churchill hailed “the awakening of a new spirit of self-reliance and self-assertiveness” among India’s minorities. During the war, the British government encouraged the demand for Pakistan and propagandized along Islamist lines against Hindus.







According the book written by Madhusree  Mukerjee called “CHURCHILL- TheDark Side” .


“”””The War Cabinet received repeated warnings that famine could result from its exhaustive use of Indian resources for the war effort—and ignored them.

The Japanese occupation of Burma in March 1942 cut off rice imports, of between one and two million tons per year, to India. Instead of protecting the Indian public from the resultant food shortage, the War Cabinet insisted that India absorb this loss and, further, export rice to countries that could no longer get it from South East Asia. As a result, after war arrived at India’s borders, the colony exported 260,000 tons of rice in the fiscal year 1942-43.

Meanwhile India’s war expenditures increased ten fold, and the government printed paper money to pay for them. In August 1942 a representative of India’s viceroy told the War Cabinet that runaway inflation could lead to “famines and riots.”

In December 1942, Viceroy Linlithgow warned that India’s grain supply was seriously short and he urgently needed 600,000 tons of wheat to feed soldiers and the most essential industrial workers. The War Cabinet stated that ships were not available. In January 1943, Churchill moved most of the merchant ships operating in the Indian Ocean over to the Atlantic, in order to build up the United Kingdom’s stockpile of food and raw materials. The Ministry of War Transport cautioned him that the shift would result in “violent changes and perhaps cataclysms” in trade around the Indian Ocean. (In addition to India, the colonies of Kenya, Tanganyika, and British Somaliland all suffered famine in 1943.) Although refusing to meet India’s need for wheat, Churchill insisted that India continue to export rice.

With famine raging, in July 1943 Viceroy Linlithgow halted rice exports and again asked the War Cabinet for wheat imports, this time of 500,000 tons. That was the minimum required to feed the army and otherwise maintain the war effort. The news of impending shipments would indirectly ease the famine, he noted: any hoarders would anticipate a fall in prices and release grain, causing prices to fall in reality. But at a meeting on August 4, the War Cabinet failed to schedule even a single shipment of wheat for India. Instead, it ordered the buildup of a stockpile of wheat for feeding European civilians after they had been liberated. So 170,000 tons of Australian wheat bypassed starving India—destined not for consumption but for storage.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom’s stockpile of food and raw materials, intended for shoring up the postwar British economy, reached 18.5 million tons, the highest ever. Sugar and oilseeds overflowed warehouses and had to be stored outdoors, under tarpaulins.

Of course Churchill knew that his priorities would result in mass death. In one of his tirades against Indians, he said they were “breeding like rabbits” anyway. On behalf of Indians, the War Cabinet ignored an offer of 100,000 tons of Burmese rice from freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose (who was allied with the Japanese), discouraged a gift of wheat from Canada, and turned down rice and wheat volunteered by the United States.

The War Cabinet eventually ordered for India 80,000 tons of wheat and 130,000 tons of barley. (Barley was useless for famine relief because it had no impact on prices.) The first of these meager shipments reached India in November. All the while, the Indian Army consumed local rice and wheat that might otherwise have fed the starving. The famine came to an end in December 1943, when Bengal harvested its own rice crop—at which point Churchill and his friend Cherwell renewed their demand for rice exports.””””

The Great Bengal famine in 1943 was deliberately done by Rothschild stooge Churchill , to teach Subhash Chandra Bose , his INA and fellow Bengalis who sided with Japan in WW2 against Britain , a lesson which killed 40 to 50 lakh people .

You must go to the link above and see the reality of the people whom we Indians think as saviour of economic condition of  India .

British Imperial rule in India was a lucrative deal for them in any sphere , never mind their all development saga , they were all biased and were in accordance with their business purpose . And see the British  THIEVES  HAVE  OUR  KOHI-NOOR  DIAMOND  ON  QUEEN’S HEAD .

These photographs are taken from Life archive hosted by Google. The photographer was William Vandivert.  See the true face of British Raj and how they governed India at the end of their reign.


Bengal famine 3  

Bengal famine 1

Bengal famine 2


Bengal famine 3

Bengal famine 4


Bengal famine 5

Bengal famine 6

Bengal famine 7

Bengal famine 14

Bengal famine 16


Bengal famine 17

Bengal famine 18


Bengal famine 24

You must wonder why such a big event like Bengal Famine find almost no place in academic index . Is this not a crime ?? .This mental roguery of  scholars and deliberate negation from the facts is nothing but a cheat . Banking oligarchs ans their fraud globalization theories to subjugate countries legitimately is nothing but slavery . We must not forget this famine as demons never change attitude , they will come back, they are  coming back .





It  was  the  night  of  13th  April  1945 , a day before valentine’s day. For all practical purposes ,Germany  was almost defeated , their was  nothing  left  for  the  allies  to conquer but  a  criminal mind  like  Churchill had something else in his head . He  decided  to conduct a  kind of  experiment   whether they can create  a  FIRESTORM  or not .

Dresden was the city of historical significance  , filled with plethora of  museums ,operas , circuses , and beautiful  buildings  . It was a city of  art and culture . The  population was mostly  women  and  children . It had no  military  or  industrial  significance , to  which allies  were  targeting . Dresden  was  also a city  of refugees , multiple  thousand of  refugees suffering  from ww2 took  shelter to this city .









Till  the night  if 13th April   ,  every one thought  Dresden  would  not  be  attacked  due  to  its  military insignificance , but  they  were wrong .  Air Marshall  Arthur “Bomber” Harris , the architect of the British bomber war against Germany, proved  people were  wrong  , he proved that one should never think  that  safe  from  target . Till date it is not official that who actually ordered  bombing raid but  yes Churchill was the head of Britain , the first attackers were a troop of  Royal Air force Britain   . At 10 o’ clock night , Britishers attacked Dresden without any prior siren , alarm or warning   and they poured 3000 phosphorous bombs , which raised the temperature of town by  1600’C . After 3 hours there was another that came in  started bombing  again . This 3 hour time gave people time to come out of their houses and  relief  workers  where out in the town . By the time the second wave arrived, the thousands of fires spread across the city of Dresden could be seen from over sixty miles away by ground, and five hundred miles away by air, with massive cloud of smoke rising ominously 15,000 feet into the air .







All the way through Valentine’s Day and into the 15th of February allied forces continued to bombard Dresden. Many bombers unable to see from the massive amounts of smoke covering Dresden would bomb further and further out, spreading the death and destruction out for miles and miles beyond the city center. Supposedly some groups had primary targets, but ended up bombing Dresden anyway as a secondary target. The truth is likely they all had orders to decimate Dresden, and so they did  over 15 square miles of it.





























Dresden, zerstörtes Stadtzentrum


Some estimates the death toll to be near 5 millions , the city had the population of about 6.5 millions . Germans claimed the death toll to be 2 million . But now this death toll has been decreased to 25-40,000 , due to  continuous press propaganda by Jews oligarchs  . I am no one to judge such highly power dominated wars but at least i can leave you some questions .

Why only Hitler is demonized , when the war crimes of Churchill and his Jews coterie was no less responsible for such large destruction ??

Why  we  are  not  told   these  events  if  history  is  to  be  judge  between  right  and  wrong ??

Why deception is used as a major tool to  hide their crimes ??



At the end I would like to say as we are sitting  on the verge of WW3 , its our  prime duty  to  face these facts. Humanity is above all , loss of any kind of life cannot  be  justified  and the departed  souls must get the desired  respect . Our  generation is  being  dragged into the Jews dominated TV world . It can be used in more proper way but what else can we  expect  from these mongers who  dominate our  television  sets . Garbage reality shows and  porn flicks under Jews dominance is all done to keep  you  unaware of  truth. Internet is the only  medium through  which free speech and transfer  of  free  data  can  be  done  easily but you see  SOPA  is all created to  censure internet . The growing  greed for power ,  money  and oil has already seen much of the destruction . WW1 ,WW2 was  deliberately pushed long to create Israel . We  must keep ourselves away from  rogue  propaganda .  We must  dedicate ourselves    to understand these robust  International  tension  expanding   in  Europe . The  only  way to stop  ourselves from  damage  is  by keeping  an  eye  on reality .  We  must give  reverence to those souls who even didin’t  know the meaning of death and war .





At around 10:09 pm the bombs started to drop. Allied bombers pummeled the city for nearly half an hour before the drone of their engines and the thunder of their terror bombing subsided, leaving much of the city engulfed in flames. – See more at:
At around 10:09 pm the bombs started to drop. Allied bombers pummeled the city for nearly half an hour before the drone of their engines and the thunder of their terror bombing subsided, leaving much of the city engulfed in flames. – See more at:
At around 10:09 pm the bombs started to drop. Allied bombers pummeled the city for nearly half an hour before the drone of their engines and the thunder of their terror bombing subsided, leaving much of the city engulfed in flames. – See more at:



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