1. People reading the article below should know one thing that I am no where against globalization as it is a natural process and is being going on from centuries , so now the question is why i have stated  the term ‘FRAUD GLOBALIZATION’ , and why it is evident to me.. !! . To know about this  we need to dip into history .

  2. The bitter truth will  be exhumed in the article below , which will  be disturbing to the commons   but at the same time , i hope , it will work as an eye opener. Thanks to internet ,people are discussing these things  frequently ,other wise our sold media will never throw this on prime time and the reason is very evident which i will publish below.


  4. I have categorized  globalization into three phases, 1) the ancient phase 2) after the attack of foreigners  in India till  1947 3) and the phase after the formation of  UN (united nations) till date

  5. ***Ancient globalization was the “real  globalization”, as it included  mutual transfer of goods and promoted cultural  expansion along with knowledge flow . Irony is ,in terms of India it always meant money and  knowledge drain. India was well  known for its artistic industries like marble work, stone carving, jewellery brass work, copper  bell-metal  wares , wood carving etc. the cast pillar near Delhi is a testament to the high level  of metallurgy existed in India. Researches are already bringing pain to whole Europe, that even in ancient times when Indians lived a lavishing life , rest of the Europe were in half  kilometre deep ice.

  6. ***The second phase of globalization was the search and greed for power  coupled with search for the science and technology and world eyed that in India . Upnaishads and Vedas were stolen and  used by scholars all over the world , its not a big secret now days that Pythogorus studied in Kerala and theft the famous Pythogorus Theorem, value of pie ,algebra, Trignometry . Mongols and  Arabs , came India for wealth and plundered our enormous wealth , residing , in our temples , the famous somnath temple incident is known to world how Mahmud of  Ghazni in 1206, took the enormous wealth back home, is just a miniscule example . Image

  7.                                          Image

  8. While  white Invaders came for knowledge, again let me remind you , whole Europe is thriving on knowledge and wealth theft from India      they have developed universities for the research on sanskrit language , Germany , Russia are some big players .Alas…!!!…we Indians are  deteriorating ourselves.

  9. ***And the third phase came with the upsurgence of banking cartels ; the most deadliest and devastating game everplayed on earth,      with the formaton of  IMF and WORLD BANK along with UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION .

  10. 1622255_708303955857998_33689174_n

  11. let me explain you what  the hell this “NEW WORLD ORDER”  is…???

  12. The world actually works under big brother that is Zionists ,(The people of jews religion who pledge for a jews state ISRAEL , Inforamally believe in creating one world  , under one government , under one hood) ,for  which  they can do anything , starting from the defeat of Nepolean , creating WW1 , WW2 , placing of Gandhi(hold your breath) , Ambedkar , in Indian Independence as their  stooges etc etc.. and list is endless.

  13. These banking cartels are  being carried out by The famous German Jew Rothschild family , along with Rockfellers , J P Morgan, etc. The family is so powerful that it can change the regime of any country in flat one week . Rothschild family has worth more that 500 trillion dollars ,the money is enough to feed  every human on earth. ROCKFELLER IS THE SAME FOUNDATION THAT FUNDS  KEJRIWAL .

  14.                                                             Image

  15.                                                              Image

  16.  The history of every country is written and edited by the Zionists , the common masses are unaware of these things , Americans and Britishers are clever in this matter as they have started realizing who controls them , Indians have still  large a terrain to cross , thanks to Internet we can share the truth . Zionist puppet Wikipedia is all made to shape the mind in whichever way they want .

  17.                                                Image

  18. This new world order is responsible for every human suffering , destruction , pain , environmental destruction etc .

  19. EAST INDIA COMPANY, the first transnational company , who made us slave under the banner of spice trading was also owned by ROTHSCHILD , which invaded us under ROBERT CLIVE. They cultivated opium in Bihar and Bengal and transported it to China ad made them drug addict , which later helped them in invading CHINA.

  20. Rabindra Nath Tagore’s family in BENGAL was the famous  stooges  of east India Company as they were the leading opium growers , even Shanti Niketan is made of that money. Students of CBSE class 10th has a chapter in hindi , “george pancham ki naak” , where they go in search for   missing  nose of his statue . When George V visited India in 1919, a song was written for him in his honor, and song is none other than our national anthem people think it as ,it is for our country’s honor , Moti lal Nehru dedicated it to king ,later Jawahar Lal Nehru adapted it as national anthem saying VANDE MATARAM cannot be played on band .SEE the absurd reason .

  21. let us look at first  five stanzas…

  22. The Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka implies that King George V is the lord of the masses and Bharata Bhagya Vidhata is “the bestower of good fortune”. Following is a translation of the five stanzas which glorify the King:

  23. 1st stanza – (Indian) People wake up remembering your good name and ask for your blessings and they sing your glories.

  24. 2nd stanza – around your throne people of all religions come and give their love and anxiously wait to hear your kind words.

  25. 3rd stanza – Praise to the King for being the charioteer, for leading the ancient travellers beyond misery.

  26. 4th stanza – Drowned in the deep ignorance and suffering, poverty stricken,unconscious country? Waiting for the wink of your eye and your mother’s (the Queen’s) true protection.

  27. 5th stanza – in your compassionate plans, the sleeping Bharat (India)will wake up. We bow down to your feet O’ Queen, and glory to Rajeshwara (the King). This whole poem does not indicate any love for the Motherland but depicts a bleak picture. When you sing Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka, whom are you glorifying? Certainly not the Motherland. Is it God? The poem does not indicate that. It is time now to understand the original purpose and the implication of this, rather than blindly sing as has been done the past fifty years.

  28. Rabindra Nath Tagore  got noble award for this sycophancy as George V was the member of selecting panel  that       time.  In shame  Tagore requested to name Gitanjali as the work for which he got the award  .



  31. The creation of central  banks  is one of the major tools to rule the world . The Rothschild family  and its banking cartel  controls 150 central banks of  the world , including India. I am not against central banks , but when it is not under the control of  its citizen , the doubts are ought to flourish.

  32. The whole natural  idea of  Globalization is  manipulated , altered  to create the idea of global governence under Zionists , controlled  from Israel . To achieve this they introduced  UNITED NATIONS , WORLD BANK  and  IMF. The  prime greed behind these cartels ,is to control over natural resources of developing and third  world countries . Drug cartels are also one of  the main reason behind these activities.

  33. Image

    These institutions offer  loans to these vulnerable countries and bring them under their club where they ask them to privatize their resources , and  once they enter the countries then “you are gone”  . They bribe politicians and manipulate its internal  policies.

  34. The whole idea behind this paper money system is to make people slaves , any money that don’t have gold as back up is fraud . Debt is nothing but slavery. Image

  35. One cannot globalize world  into one direction  until he is very powerful , and yes these Zionists are powerful.

  36. I remember when my NCERT books explained global warming in great details , now i know it was all created to stop developing countries from producing . Let Americans explain how they can they can run heavy industries with solar panels….hehehehe… Carbon dioxide is no where responsible for global warming ,  this is a complete immoral lie , and now we have scientific proofs.

  37. You will be surprised to know that Zionists are now controlling almost every African country through subjugation carried with the help of nothing but DEBT .

  38. Let us see the example of Sudan , Sudan has been bifurcated  into north Sudan and South Sudan,South Sudan is rich in oil, so Zionists created internal tension created fake civil war and now the they are looting oil fields with the help of a Zionist company GLENCORE with a Sudanian company NILIPET,where Glencore is major share holder ,which automatically gives them control  over the natural resources . This also led the formation of central bank in South Sudan . SEE THE EVIL PROPAGANDA…. Image

  39.                                                  Image

  40.                                                         Image



  43.  And now one important message for AAPTARDS , you people believe Ambani is culprit  , right…??….no businessman makes so much money with white hands , i know this , but still i am proud of Ambani that he didn’t let my natural resources go in the hands of  Zionists. AAPTARDS have still a long way to go and NEED to learn something . The person who intend  to disintegrate my MOTHERLAND …and talks about separating Kashmir from the country and didn’t said a word  against  illegal BAngladeshis  during Delhi elections needs a tight kick on their ass ….!!!

  44. There are only five couNtries that is not in control of zionists , libya , Syria , Iran , Cuba , and  North Korea , Hungary in 2010 kicked IMF from their country .You can search this in google.

  45. We have seen what has happened to libya and Syria , same false civil war triggered  to control  the country . American tussle with North Korea is known to all.

  46.                                                     Image

  47. Globalization should be mutual and must be played on leveled ground , just like in boxing there are different weight categories , similarly one cannot globalize world by plundering others .

  48. Every country has its natural  resources and must be allowed to use in whichever way they want .Zionists are using MNCs to control the production in the countries to create their kind of order . I am not against MNCs but their working pattern is highly dubious specially American and British MNCs .FREE TRADE IS ANOTHER SUCH PROPAGANDA to destroy local wealth.


  49. In my previous article i explained  how an evil  MNC MONSANTO is destroying the planet and natural  balance and how it is responsible for farmer suicide cases .??

  50. I must tell you Monsanto is the same company which provided  dangerous pesticide DIOXIN to US army , which they used in operation “AGENT  ORANGE”  , where they bombarded this deadly pesticide on vietnamese .

  51.                                                         Image

  52.                                                      Image

  53. The country is still suffering after such destruction which caused  death of 1 lakh vietnamee soldier and  civlians 58000 American soldiers. Even Americans were against this fake war , but as i said you , Zionists can do anything.

  54.                               Image

  55.                                  Image

  56.                                Image

  57.                                  Image

  58.                               Image

  59.                               Image

  60.                              Image

  61.                                      Image

  62.                                                  Image

  63.      And people say Saddam Hussain and  Gaddafi was cruel  , all  bull shit and NONSENSE…

  64. The mining corporation of Anil Agarwal , called vedanta , is just another  tool  of  SLAVE making machinery . Vedanta has literally raped  forests of  Orissa , did our channels show this on prime time . Everything has been happening infront of our PM and  Sonia Gandhi aka Antonio Manio aka waitress aka Queen bee ….

  65. Vedanta is funded by Rothschild  banking cartel members like Citigroup , National Bank of Kuwait , ANZ , Meryl linch ,  Royal  Bank of Canada , Goldman sachs , HSBC , Deutch bank , J.P Morgan chase , ICICI etc.

  66. The university of Supernunation Scheme(USS)  pension fund ,The royal Bank of Scotland, Cheshire, Suffolk, Wolverhampton and Leicestershire county council’s pension schemes     hold large investments. The UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) helped launch Vedanta on the London Stock Exchange and continues to support the company .

  67. Our media brought this into light only when supreme court charged Vedanta for illegal mining   but again there is  complete silence .

  68. fdgdgg OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA pg-12-mining-giant

  69. This Fraud Globalization is covered  with the help of media houses , vulgarity ,pornography  , drugs strictly under the  control of Zionists . So that when people are busy in these things the original game is being somewhere else , thanks to internet again , this all is being exposed .

  70. Let me tel l  you Manmohan Singh used to work for IMF and his Zionist masters . He is a      good man but whats the use of such goodness if you can’t take decisions .We preached such sycophant for 10 years  .

  71. Every Indian must know this that Indira Gandhi was not killed because of operation BLUE STAR  , but because  she did a daring attempt to nationalize banks , and she went against zionists , who advocate privatization , naive Sikhs were used as pawns. Khalistani separatists are still being funded in UK , always remember these Zionists funds both the sides , to boost their arms supply , in my next article i will  publish which are these companies involved in arms business .

  72. Raghuram Rajan is just another pawn of IMF , where he used to work  . He is awarded with several International awards , and world’s youngest economist .Nobody at pesent times get such awards until he is a pawn. RAJAN don’t have an Indian citizenship.

  73. The whole idea is to bring countries under DEBT  and then these Zionists hit the right spot by shaping the country’s foreign policy , domestic policy ,etc . They use the policy of carrot    in one hand and  stick in other .

  74. mortgages-Propaganda-Remix-Project

  75. This artificially created  “FRAUD GLOBALIZATION”  is to snatch one’s soverneighty  by means of money , which is popularly termed as NEO- IMPERIALISM . This endless misery never captures the eye of media .

  76. False 9/11 attack was created to invade oil rich countries , by non other than Zionists .

  77. hul;i;

  78. I can bet you they can’t utter a word against Monsanto and the banking cartel . They will shit in their pants before using the name of  Rothschild .

  79. America’s occupy wall street movement last year was against these Zionists .No media channel threw those banners on TV.

  80. Save your country before you become slaves again , See the world around , its different from what you believe and nurture in your brain.

  81. Zionists can do anything to create their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT  .

  82. “hum barbaad hote hain kyunki hum khud ko barbaad  hone dete hain. “

  83. Negligence causes destruction and awareness in right direction can save us from destruction.

  84. JAI HIND.

  85. indian-flag



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