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how are you ? enjoying mobile shopping, attending some big fat Indian wedding or hanging out with your friends & friendees at some famous food joint or are you doing nothing no invitations, no plans, nobody there at your side and you are one of those who are cursed to watch wolves of Indian media at 9 ? now if you belong to this helpless tribe then welcome to the jungle where there is great free fall & absolutely free for all where there is no news just slander, deception & noise and where there are shouts, screams, abuse, threats & fights and where all the news anchors, journalists & political pundits are there to spew venom, vomit & dirt and no one’s there to wipe, so In this happy Halloween family let’s waste some more time and ask some questions which hogs all the limelight….for starters : let’s…

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India and Russia

The conversation below was obtained  from http://2001-2009.state.gov/r/pa/ho/frus/nixon/e7/48542.htm

There are many instances Russia has emerged out as a brother for India but this one gives me goosebumps.

During 1971 war(liberation of Bangladesh), Nixon(President of US) ordered carriers(US seventh fleet) towards Bay of Bengal , 26 Jordanian planes to Pakistan. They talked to Saudis, the Turks to give 5 more planes to Pakistan. They also asked Chinese to move some forces to threaten India. They asked France to sell planes to Pakistan. Under US pressure, UAE sent in half a squadron of fighter aircrafts to Pakistan and Indonesians dispatched atleast one naval vessel to fight alonside Pakistani navy.
He called Indians bastards, Indira Gandhi(India’s Prime Minister) a bitch.

On Dec. 10, Indian intelligence intercepted an American message, that US seventh fleet was steaming into war zone. Seventh Fleet, which was then stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin, was led by the nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise(more than 70 fighters and bombers onboard) and it also included the guided missile cruiser USS King, guided missile destroyers USS Decatur, Parsons and Tartar Sam, and a large amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli.
The Indian Navy’s Eastern Fleet led by the 20,000-ton aircraft carrier, Vikrant, with barely 20 light fighter aircraft was standing between Indian cities and seventh fleet.
Meanwhile Soviet intelligence reported that a British naval group led by the aircraft carrier Eagle had moved closer to India’s territorial water.
The British and the Americans plan was to intimidate India by British ships attacking in the Arabian Sea targeting India’s western coast, the Americans would be attacking Bay of Bengal liberating 1,00,000 Pakistani troops.
According to a six-page note prepared by India’s foreign ministry, “The bomber force aboard the Enterprise had the US President’s authority to undertake bombing of the Indian Army’s communications, if necessary.”

Now the fun part starts.

Indian quietly sent Moscow a request to activate a secret provision of the Indo-Soviet security treaty, under which Russia was bound to defend India in case of any external aggression. So, to counter this Russia dispatched a nuclear-armed flotilla from Vladivostok on December 13 under the overall command of Admiral Vladimir Kruglyakov, the Commander of the 10th Operative Battle Group (Pacific Fleet). Though the Russian fleet comprised a good number of nuclear-armed ships and atomic submarines, their missiles were of limited range (less than 300 km). Hence to effectively counter the British and American fleets the Russian commanders had to undertake the risk of encircling them to bring them within their target. This they did with military precision.
Moscow clear instructions to their ships was to protect India from any western progression.

According to Admiral Kruglyakov, who commanded the Pacific Fleet from 1970 to 1975 –
“The Chief Commander’s order was that our submarines should surface when the Americans appear. It was done to demonstrate to them that we had nuclear submarines in the Indian Ocean. So when our subs surfaced, they recognised us. In the way of the American Navy stood the Soviet cruisers, destroyers and atomic submarines equipped with anti-ship missiles. We encircled them and trained our missiles at the Enterprise. We blocked them and did not allow them to close in on Karachi, Chittagong or Dhaka.”

At this point, the Russians intercepted a communication from the commander of the British carrier battle group, Admiral Dimon Gordon, to the Seventh Fleet commander:
“Sir, we are too late. There are the Russian atomic submarines here, and a big collection of battleships.”

The British ships fled towards Madagascar while the larger US task force stopped before entering the Bay of Bengal.

Despite Kissinger’s goading and desperate Pakistani calls for help, the Chinese did nothing. US diplomatic documents reveal that Indira Gandhi knew the Soviets had factored in the possibility of Chinese intervention.

According to a cable referring to an Indian cabinet meeting held on December 10, “If the Chinese were to become directly involved in the conflict, Indira Gandhi said, the Chinese know that the Soviet Union would act in the Sinkiang region. Soviet air support may be made available to India at that time.”
On December 14, General A.A.K. Niazi, Pakistan’s military commander in East Pakistan, told the American consul-general in Dhaka that he was willing to surrender. The message was relayed to Washington, but it took the US 19 hours to relay it to New Delhi. Files suggest senior Indian diplomats suspected the delay was because Washington was possibly contemplating military action against India.

Kissinger went so far as to call the crisis “our Rhineland” a reference to Hitler’s militarisation of German Rhineland at the outset of World War II. This kind of powerful imagery indicates how strongly Kissinger and Nixon came to see Indians as a threat.

Conversation between Nixon and Kissinger after War finished.
Kissinger: And the point you made yesterday, we have to continue to squeeze the Indians even when this thing is settled.

Nixon: We’ve got to for rehabilitation. I mean, Jesus Christ, they’ve bombed—I want all the war damage; I want to help Pakistan on the war damage in Karachi and other areas, see?

Kissinger: Yeah

Nixon: I don’t want the Indians to be happy. I want a public relations programme developed to piss on the Indians.

Kissinger: Yeah.

Nixon: I want to piss on them for their responsibility. Get a white paper out. Put down, White paper. White paper. Understand that?

Kissinger: Oh, yeah.

Nixon: I don’t mean for just your reading. But a white paper on this.

Kissinger: No, no. I know.

Nixon: I want the Indians blamed for this, you know what I mean? We can’t let these goddamn, sanctimonious Indians get away with this. They’ve pissed on us on Vietnam for 5 years, Henry.

Kissinger: Yeah.

Nixon: Aren’t the Indians killing a lot of these people?

Kissinger: Well, we don’t know the facts yet. But I’m sure they’re not as stupid as the West Pakistanis—they don’t let the press in. The idiot Paks have the press all over their place.
According to analysts, US greatest war tragedy was in Vietnam. But according to me, this was the biggest war defeat for US when they didn’t even got the chance to even take off their planes and lost the war. They watched everything happening but were not able to do anything just because of Russia and thats why every Indian loves Russia and thus Putin.


Must go to the link below and read it thoroughly , this was the one article that opened my thoughts and understanding .

http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.in/2014/12/cultural-terrorism-by-benami-media-and.html .

How the RIC (Russia, India & China) countries defeated the unholy US-UK-PAK alliance and emancipated Bangladesh.

It’s a lesson for Indians to remember as to who have always been our real friends.

Warning – Will cause a lot of Butthurt to Whitewashed and White-wannabee NRIs & PIOs in the US and also to NATO loving Neo-Liberals in India.

On August 9, 1971, India changed its Non-Aligned position and went on to sign a treaty of peace, friendship and military cooperation with the then Soviet Union. That alliance, along with China’s neutral stance and of course, the leadership of Indian Army’s legendary Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, ensured the defeat as well as dismemberment of Pakistan in the 1971 Indo-Pak War and also the liberation of East Pakistan, now known as Bangladesh.

In the 1970 Pakistan parliamentary elections, an overwhelming number of East Pakistanis (now Bangladeshis) voted for a political party i.e Sheikh Mujibur Rahman headed Awami League that advocated autonomy for East Pakistan, but it was blocked from governing by the Pakistani army and the then Pakistani government, and its leader was jailed. The resulting mass protests in East Pakistan were brutally suppressed by the perverted Pakistani army, who went on to murder & rape literally millions of Bangladeshis in what came to be known as Operation Searchlight.

The then US President Richard Nixon’s administration also ignored reports it received of the “genocidal” activities of the Pakistani Army in East Pakistan, most notably the “Blood Telegram” (do google this term). This prompted widespread criticism and condemnation of Nixon’s regime by both the United States Congress, the United Nations and the international press

The Indo-Pak war broke out on December 3, 1971 after the Pakistani air force launched an attack on six Indian airfields in Kashmir and Punjab, punishing India for their support of Bangladeshi (then East Pakistani) Awami League and arming its sepratist militia Mukti Bahini.

The next day, the then US ambassador to the United Nations, George H W Bush Sr. — (later 41st president of the United States and also father of Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush)- introduced a resolution in the UN Security Council calling for a cease-fire and the withdrawal of armed forces by India and Pakistan. It was vetoed by the Soviet Union. The following days witnessed a great pressure on the Soviets from then US President Richard Nixon to get India to withdraw, but to no avail.

So then, Nixon’s right-hand man Henry Kissinger repeatedly encouraged the Chinese to intervene and attack the Indian army, and also assured China that if China menaced India and the Soviet Union moved against China in support of India, the United States would then protect China from the Soviet Union. American hopes were let down as China chose not to intervene and instead, stayed completely neutral during the 1971 Indo-Pak war, the same way China remained neutral during the 1965 Indo-Pak war.

Frustrated, President Nixon wanted to save Pakistan and ‘teach India a lesson’.

So, Nixon sent the US Pacific fleet led by the 75,000 ton nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, the world’s largest warship at that time, carrying more than 70 fighters and bombers, from Guam (near Indonesia) while their British allies came from the Arabian Sea.

The Pakistani military was already being bolstered by Air-Force support from American allies Jordan, Iran (then a US ally), Turkey and France.

On December 10, 1971, even as Nixon and Kissinger were frothing at the mouth, Indian intelligence actually intercepted an American message, indicating that the US Seventh Fleet was near Singapore and was approaching the Bay of Bengal.

This was perhaps one of the most ironic events in modern history where the Western world’s two leading democracies (US & UK) were threatening the world’s largest democracy (India) in order to protect the perpetrators of perhaps the largest genocide since the Holocaust in Nazi Germany (who else but the Pakistanis).

However, India did not panic. It quietly sent Moscow a request to activate a secret provision of the Indo-Soviet security treaty, under which Russia was bound to defend India in case of any external aggression.

And the Soviet Russians lived up to the saying – “A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed”.

On December 12, 1971, Dozens of Soviet atomic submarines and nuclear war ships left from the port of Vladivostok to help India.

And within the next 4 days, British warships in the Arabian Sea (near Karachi) sighted many Russian submarines and hence, left the area in a hurry. By the time US Pacific fleet led by the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise could reach Sri Lanka, the Soviet submarines were already there. And hence, US-UK couldn’t “punish” India nor “save” Pakistan while Bangladesh had been liberated.

It was one of the greatest defeats of Anglo-American warlords who ever since, acknowledge India as the most dominant force in all of South Asia.

Refer –





Does Rothschild own all Central Banks?

Real Currencies

Controversy continues to rage about Central Bank ownership. Most major Central Banks, except for the FED, are publicly owned. However: this is not really important. Control is what matters and Central Banks are the Money Power’s centralized controllers, private or publicly owned.

By Anthony Migchels, for Henry Makow and Real Currencies

The shocking realization that the Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned by its member banks is one of the defining moments in any Truthseeker’s path. Eustace Mullins, coached by the indefatigable Ezra Pound, wrote ‘the Secrets of the Federal Reserve’, listing the banks owning the system. Ed Griffin then infamously plagiarized this book with his ‘the Creature of Jekyll Island’, to push the John Birch/Libertarian poison of the Gold Standard as a solution. We’re still dealing with this today, as seen in the ‘End the Fed’ movement.

The FED itself is now starting to move against its critics, claiming…

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Interview of an ‘honest’ Christian Evangelist in India

Hindu focus

Reproducing  an old article. The relevance never ceases…..


Interview of an ‘honest’ Christian Evangelist in India


Arindam Bandyopadhyay


“The world today could have been a much better place for all of us, had we all refrained from trying to prove the superiority of our own religion”

This is a hypothetical interview of ‘Father Johnson’ after his award by the Government of India for his exemplary work in India in enlightening the people in the path of the ONLY God. Father Johnson returned to the USA after 10 years of service, to uplift the people of India in the name of God. The interview was taken in July 2005 by a journalist in Houston, USA.


Welcome home Father. You have been in India for 10 years, where ‘our mission’ is still going on. Tell me Father, how is India?

India is a fascinating country, a land…

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Let me start this article with a personal note. I never intended to be a graduate in history as i always thought it boring and exhausting . But fate had something else . I remember my history teacher used to tell me that history teaches us  “what not to do”  and it  “reminds us of our mistakes”  .  But now I think what  if  our  history  books are fraud and does not reflect the complete image  or  the  vested conspiracy  behind  any incident ,  How can we really judge the incident if we are deceived again and again  through  false  propaganda ??

Indian history books can be equated with scams as i think 60-70%  books are filled with false heroes and gods and if not a scam then nothing less than that .

If you are really an Indian , a German or  anyone  you  must read this as  , this is related to any human who has the ability to judge between a ruler and a tyrant .

We know very well what Britishers did to Indians , Germans , Africans and rest of the world .

We also no how Americans and Britisher were and are puppets of Jewish supremacism and Israel . We Indians are also victim of  same Zionist propaganda machinery from past 200 years. Never forget our not so beloved  PM  MANMOHAN  SINGH  was  also a Zionist stooge .

I would like to draw your attention towards two incidents or can be called as sins , real holocaust carried out by Britishers  under Winston Churchill , who was an opium consumer , a war monger  and hated Indians and so do his other enemies .And let me remind you his mother was a Jew  , so the criminal DNA is bound to be behind Churchill’s monstrous head . But Mr. Churchill didn’t knew there will be an internet age and his sins will be revealed to the world . Our academic  books will not tell you about the great Bengal Famine of 1943-44 and Dresden bombings of 1945 , some of many war crimes done by  Churchill . These  stories  will  remind you of the devil that resides inside human’s head just for creating its supremism among people . This story is an example of  inhuman behavior of rulers.

It was year 1943 , when famine struck Bengal . This was nothing new to Bengal as it had seen world’s severe and disastrous famine in 1770 when 1 crore(1/3rd population )  people died starving . But 1943 Was a man made famine .

Starving families sitting in the hot scortching sun


Bengal famine 28

Bengal famine 20



People were out on streets looking for any kind of food that they get to survive , doesn’t matter if it was garbage . Starving children with skinny skeleton body were on streets looking for help and a piece of bread . In a BBC documentary a victim described a scene where a baby was trying to drink milk from mother’s breast , but child didn’t know that her mother was dead . The situation was so worse that there were no one to cremate dead bodies of people . Vultures partied on these corpses . Railway stations and health centers were hoarded with dead bodies .

Who cares about these starving souls ??  Who cares about Bharat Mata  ??

Do we Indians have the courage to stand against Britishers ?? Our high class wanna be GORA SAHIBS have the courage to stand for their country ??



People remember all sorts of manipulated data propaganda of Jews getting killed by Hitler and keeps boasting about their 60 lakhs data , which itself is no doubt a deceitful number . The world at the same time forget the Man-Made famine of Bengal of 1943-44 .

Churchill’s divide-and-rule policies found fertile ground among India’s Muslims. For decades, British conservatives had sought to deepen India’s inherent settlement in order to weaken the violent independence movement. For instance, in 1905 Viceroy Curzon planned to partition Bengal province along religious lines, so as to enhance rivalries between Muslim landowners in its east and Hindu nationalists in its west. He also encouraged the formation of the Muslim League as a counterweight to the dominant nationalist party, the Indian National Congress.

A prolonged agitation led to Bengal being partitioned instead along linguistic lines. But then the colonial government introduced separate electorates for Muslims—that is, every Muslim in British India was required to vote for a Muslim. The measure favored separatists, who could get elected by appealing to narrow sectarian sentiments. The British subsequently introduced separate electorates for other groups as well, but the effort was partially repulsed.

So although Churchill was interested in exploiting diverse social structure, he concentrated on widening the Hindu-Muslim rift—which he regarded as “the bulwark of British rule in India.” When Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the leader of the Muslim League, called for a separate nation of Pakistan, Churchill hailed “the awakening of a new spirit of self-reliance and self-assertiveness” among India’s minorities. During the war, the British government encouraged the demand for Pakistan and propagandized along Islamist lines against Hindus.







According the book written by Madhusree  Mukerjee called “CHURCHILL- TheDark Side” .


“”””The War Cabinet received repeated warnings that famine could result from its exhaustive use of Indian resources for the war effort—and ignored them.

The Japanese occupation of Burma in March 1942 cut off rice imports, of between one and two million tons per year, to India. Instead of protecting the Indian public from the resultant food shortage, the War Cabinet insisted that India absorb this loss and, further, export rice to countries that could no longer get it from South East Asia. As a result, after war arrived at India’s borders, the colony exported 260,000 tons of rice in the fiscal year 1942-43.

Meanwhile India’s war expenditures increased ten fold, and the government printed paper money to pay for them. In August 1942 a representative of India’s viceroy told the War Cabinet that runaway inflation could lead to “famines and riots.”

In December 1942, Viceroy Linlithgow warned that India’s grain supply was seriously short and he urgently needed 600,000 tons of wheat to feed soldiers and the most essential industrial workers. The War Cabinet stated that ships were not available. In January 1943, Churchill moved most of the merchant ships operating in the Indian Ocean over to the Atlantic, in order to build up the United Kingdom’s stockpile of food and raw materials. The Ministry of War Transport cautioned him that the shift would result in “violent changes and perhaps cataclysms” in trade around the Indian Ocean. (In addition to India, the colonies of Kenya, Tanganyika, and British Somaliland all suffered famine in 1943.) Although refusing to meet India’s need for wheat, Churchill insisted that India continue to export rice.

With famine raging, in July 1943 Viceroy Linlithgow halted rice exports and again asked the War Cabinet for wheat imports, this time of 500,000 tons. That was the minimum required to feed the army and otherwise maintain the war effort. The news of impending shipments would indirectly ease the famine, he noted: any hoarders would anticipate a fall in prices and release grain, causing prices to fall in reality. But at a meeting on August 4, the War Cabinet failed to schedule even a single shipment of wheat for India. Instead, it ordered the buildup of a stockpile of wheat for feeding European civilians after they had been liberated. So 170,000 tons of Australian wheat bypassed starving India—destined not for consumption but for storage.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom’s stockpile of food and raw materials, intended for shoring up the postwar British economy, reached 18.5 million tons, the highest ever. Sugar and oilseeds overflowed warehouses and had to be stored outdoors, under tarpaulins.

Of course Churchill knew that his priorities would result in mass death. In one of his tirades against Indians, he said they were “breeding like rabbits” anyway. On behalf of Indians, the War Cabinet ignored an offer of 100,000 tons of Burmese rice from freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose (who was allied with the Japanese), discouraged a gift of wheat from Canada, and turned down rice and wheat volunteered by the United States.

The War Cabinet eventually ordered for India 80,000 tons of wheat and 130,000 tons of barley. (Barley was useless for famine relief because it had no impact on prices.) The first of these meager shipments reached India in November. All the while, the Indian Army consumed local rice and wheat that might otherwise have fed the starving. The famine came to an end in December 1943, when Bengal harvested its own rice crop—at which point Churchill and his friend Cherwell renewed their demand for rice exports.””””

The Great Bengal famine in 1943 was deliberately done by Rothschild stooge Churchill , to teach Subhash Chandra Bose , his INA and fellow Bengalis who sided with Japan in WW2 against Britain , a lesson which killed 40 to 50 lakh people .


You must go to the link above and see the reality of the people whom we Indians think as saviour of economic condition of  India .

British Imperial rule in India was a lucrative deal for them in any sphere , never mind their all development saga , they were all biased and were in accordance with their business purpose . And see the British  THIEVES  HAVE  OUR  KOHI-NOOR  DIAMOND  ON  QUEEN’S HEAD .

These photographs are taken from Life archive hosted by Google. The photographer was William Vandivert.  See the true face of British Raj and how they governed India at the end of their reign.


Bengal famine 3  

Bengal famine 1

Bengal famine 2


Bengal famine 3

Bengal famine 4


Bengal famine 5

Bengal famine 6

Bengal famine 7

Bengal famine 14

Bengal famine 16


Bengal famine 17

Bengal famine 18


Bengal famine 24

You must wonder why such a big event like Bengal Famine find almost no place in academic index . Is this not a crime ?? .This mental roguery of  scholars and deliberate negation from the facts is nothing but a cheat . Banking oligarchs ans their fraud globalization theories to subjugate countries legitimately is nothing but slavery . We must not forget this famine as demons never change attitude , they will come back, they are  coming back .





It  was  the  night  of  13th  April  1945 , a day before valentine’s day. For all practical purposes ,Germany  was almost defeated , their was  nothing  left  for  the  allies  to conquer but  a  criminal mind  like  Churchill had something else in his head . He  decided  to conduct a  kind of  experiment   whether they can create  a  FIRESTORM  or not .

Dresden was the city of historical significance  , filled with plethora of  museums ,operas , circuses , and beautiful  buildings  . It was a city of  art and culture . The  population was mostly  women  and  children . It had no  military  or  industrial  significance , to  which allies  were  targeting . Dresden  was  also a city  of refugees , multiple  thousand of  refugees suffering  from ww2 took  shelter to this city .









Till  the night  if 13th April   ,  every one thought  Dresden  would  not  be  attacked  due  to  its  military insignificance , but  they  were wrong .  Air Marshall  Arthur “Bomber” Harris , the architect of the British bomber war against Germany, proved  people were  wrong  , he proved that one should never think  that  safe  from  target . Till date it is not official that who actually ordered  bombing raid but  yes Churchill was the head of Britain , the first attackers were a troop of  Royal Air force Britain   . At 10 o’ clock night , Britishers attacked Dresden without any prior siren , alarm or warning   and they poured 3000 phosphorous bombs , which raised the temperature of town by  1600’C . After 3 hours there was another that came in  started bombing  again . This 3 hour time gave people time to come out of their houses and  relief  workers  where out in the town . By the time the second wave arrived, the thousands of fires spread across the city of Dresden could be seen from over sixty miles away by ground, and five hundred miles away by air, with massive cloud of smoke rising ominously 15,000 feet into the air .







All the way through Valentine’s Day and into the 15th of February allied forces continued to bombard Dresden. Many bombers unable to see from the massive amounts of smoke covering Dresden would bomb further and further out, spreading the death and destruction out for miles and miles beyond the city center. Supposedly some groups had primary targets, but ended up bombing Dresden anyway as a secondary target. The truth is likely they all had orders to decimate Dresden, and so they did  over 15 square miles of it.





























Dresden, zerstörtes Stadtzentrum


Some estimates the death toll to be near 5 millions , the city had the population of about 6.5 millions . Germans claimed the death toll to be 2 million . But now this death toll has been decreased to 25-40,000 , due to  continuous press propaganda by Jews oligarchs  . I am no one to judge such highly power dominated wars but at least i can leave you some questions .

Why only Hitler is demonized , when the war crimes of Churchill and his Jews coterie was no less responsible for such large destruction ??

Why  we  are  not  told   these  events  if  history  is  to  be  judge  between  right  and  wrong ??

Why deception is used as a major tool to  hide their crimes ??



At the end I would like to say as we are sitting  on the verge of WW3 , its our  prime duty  to  face these facts. Humanity is above all , loss of any kind of life cannot  be  justified  and the departed  souls must get the desired  respect . Our  generation is  being  dragged into the Jews dominated TV world . It can be used in more proper way but what else can we  expect  from these mongers who  dominate our  television  sets . Garbage reality shows and  porn flicks under Jews dominance is all done to keep  you  unaware of  truth. Internet is the only  medium through  which free speech and transfer  of  free  data  can  be  done  easily but you see  SOPA  is all created to  censure internet . The growing  greed for power ,  money  and oil has already seen much of the destruction . WW1 ,WW2 was  deliberately pushed long to create Israel . We  must keep ourselves away from  rogue  propaganda .  We must  dedicate ourselves    to understand these robust  International  tension  expanding   in  Europe . The  only  way to stop  ourselves from  damage  is  by keeping  an  eye  on reality .  We  must give  reverence to those souls who even didin’t  know the meaning of death and war .





At around 10:09 pm the bombs started to drop. Allied bombers pummeled the city for nearly half an hour before the drone of their engines and the thunder of their terror bombing subsided, leaving much of the city engulfed in flames. – See more at: http://www.subvertednation.net/dresden-the-real-holocaust/#sthash.J5hC0oBW.dpuf
At around 10:09 pm the bombs started to drop. Allied bombers pummeled the city for nearly half an hour before the drone of their engines and the thunder of their terror bombing subsided, leaving much of the city engulfed in flames. – See more at: http://www.subvertednation.net/dresden-the-real-holocaust/#sthash.J5hC0oBW.dpuf
At around 10:09 pm the bombs started to drop. Allied bombers pummeled the city for nearly half an hour before the drone of their engines and the thunder of their terror bombing subsided, leaving much of the city engulfed in flames. – See more at: http://www.subvertednation.net/dresden-the-real-holocaust/#sthash.J5hC0oBW.dpuf





How would you feel if you receive a message on your phone having your and your father’s name asking you to subscribe to  a   caller tune……how would you feel , if you receive a phone call , that knows your name and address  and asks you to buy a car and be a part of a good offer….????


Such things are quite often in metro cities. This is sometimes irritating and becomes uncontrollable many times .


The concern is not the phone call but the question is how do they really get your phone number, name, address and your personal details…??


1)Sometimes you yourself give your data on internet while trying to get access to some particular site .


2)Other way they could get your data is by arranging that from some unknown source and this happens WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT.


The article Below will deal with the issue public surveillance ,its limit and the famous ADHAAR FRAUD .


The advent of technology and internet along with social-networking has caused the integration of masses creating a complex, insecure and vulnerable pool , where people compete with their internet counterparts to enhance their social connectivity  . In this course, the common mass easily throw their personal entity to world . This actually contains your consent .


The other way your personal data can reach through out the world , if a company , of which you are a customer , share your details to market wolfs , for the sake of marketing and advertising . This paradigm actually contains your consent  to the limits that the company will keep those information to them self , for the purpose of further scrutiny and differentiate between fake and genuine customers, but as we know this hardly happens . Now you should not wonder how you get those murky calls ??


Now the other place where your information is kept is with government or the state , which is a necessary thing for government if it has to function properly .


The above situation is created by the people  themselves , just a second of carelessness  and  “as usual”  kinda attitude is enough for you to get trapped . I have  used the word “trapped”  to determine the sector of technical surveillance that is being used by the governments all over the world .


Starting from the world scenario apart from India , it is important to understand how this modern surveillance and data accumulation has started and has evolved from mere security concerns to a forced dilemma .


In my previous article I  briefly explained what this NEW WORLD ORDER is ?? and its vested interests . The economic domination and creation of GLOBAL GOVERNMENT  under Zionism has increased in past few decades and technological advancement has enhanced their winning ratio.


Rothschild and Zionist cartel arranges these valuable public information by planting their stooges in different corporate giants and governments across the planet. It is no secret in internet age that 9/11 was planned by Zionists and Israel . This was the false flag attempted to attack Afghanistan and take control over its opium fields . Osama was made by America through their funds . Same happened in Iraq where America nay Zionists claimed the presence of biological warfare but they found none . Same happened in Sudan , Libya and the list is endless . Once they get control over their national banks and natural resources , they WIN .  This 9/11 attack gave American government nay Zionists to formally execute surveillance system to its people and make them slaves for the sake of security.



As these private public information is the great source of great business , these are desperately needed by corporate jackals.

Espionage in last century was limited to foreign foes but this spying has unfortunately now being done to the citizens by their corresponding governments . People in west are actually pissed off with these surveillance tools . Fingerprints , biometrics in every part of their life has made them slaves . Every wanted- unwanted , innocent movement is being monitored .










Biometrics is a special tool used for this purpose . It is true that it helps in controlling new age fraud . It is also being used for authentication process in different corporate offices and educational institutions across the globe.

These biometric tools can b used to identify criminals but what about the CIVIL RIGHTS of common people ….?



Let me tell one thing clearly , Rothschild and Zionists want you to be their slaves . They want you to work in whichever way they want to . First , they will integrate all your information and monitor your movements. This is helpful for them , as they can force you to buy their legitimate and illegitimate products , directly or  indirectly .


Wondering how your movements help them to make you slave…???


They actually monitor all your savings , purchasing , and hold your breathe , even your honeymoon  Spree  . They will keep a track of your financial status . This   illegal   incursion   in   your   personal   life   helps   them   to   expand  their  financial   motives  specially  customized for vulnerable people . These motives coupled with   FALSE  advertising   evades  your  mind and  results  in  what  we  call  BRAIN WASHING.







Reserve Bank Of India   is  also controlled  by  Rothschild  like  other  central  banks by implementing their  policies . Remember Manmohan  Singh  the  famous western stooge was forced on Indians by WAITRESS cum QUEEN BEE  and now   Raghu Ram Rajan  another  Zionist  pawn  is trying  integrate  CRAP ADHAAR  scheme  for  the  sake of  financial inclusion . This is a massive step towards slaving Bharat MAta again .

The one who controls money is the real head of the state and bitter truth is yes , Rothschild are the unofficial head of most of countries specially western and European countries and  we are also being seduced time to time to join the JAMBOREE .




They create electronic money with no gold back up and pump it into market . Every economic depression is created to profit these cartels .



Zionists  are  now  looking  at   the world’s  largest  and  youngest  country  i.e  INDIA . Rothschild are the same people who made  us  slaves  with  East  India company.  Never  Forget  this .

The  UNIQUE  IDENTIFICATION  CARD or  ADHAAR  card ,  which  was s tarted  in  feb  2009 ,  comes under  Planning  Commission of India . This UIDAI , to  the  surprise ,  has no  legal  backing because it  has  not  been  approved  by  legislation ,  no parliamentary approval  . It involves  the threat of being  stolen or hacked  used  by  foreign  forces .

Nandan  Nelikani , the co-founder of  infosys ,  was  the  head of  this  scheme until  he resigned from office  as  he  has  been given  a  ticket  to  Lok Sabha   by congress  . This AADHAAR  has  already been  distributed to lakhs of   Illegal  Bangladeshis and turning them officially into Indian citizens and to  no surprise has become a vote bank for congress party .



The UIDAI  has signed  a  contract  with  Us companies  like  L1 identity ,  which simultaneously also deals  with  US INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES .

These  Information  will be  connected to NATGRID , whose head  is  Capt. RAGHU RAM ,  who wishes to sell  these information to commercial wolfs  and then they will use it to manipulate you according to their already manipulated  market .

In  defense  to  UIDAI ,  it is  being  said  that  this  will  be connected to PDS , MNREGA , LPG owners that  will  Ensure  proper  distribution of  subsidies  among people .Very true . BUT  MR  NELIKANI , we know your AGENDA .

Nelikani’s  connection  with  Yale  university , University of  Toronto  and his awards from CNBC , NDTV ,and a place in   TIME’S   100  most  influential  people in 2009 is enough to make him doubtful.

It   is   not  any  hidden  truth  that no one in this  Zionist  controlled media can  specially CNN and CNBC gets such honors unless he is a sycophant or  he  is  pushing  NEW  WORLD  ORDER  agendas  to the  common  mass .

Nelikani  has  stated in  public that  this  scheme  is  “irreversible”  ,  Who is this powerful man whom politicians  with  high  caliber  like  Chidambaram could also not stop …??

Bim3RitIMAI_4Ct.jpg medium



We already have voter id , pan cards etc to keep an eye on movement of money , carried under government supervision.

This   scheme  is  itself  doubtful  as  it  was  implemented  in hurry  without  proper  public  debate , which   left   no  room  to  establish  a  public or legislative  consensus . How someone can use public money  to  carry  out  a  scheme  which  is  not  cleared  by  legislation ????


AGAIN I AM SAYING  ,  This NEW  WORLD  ORDER   wants  to  make  you  slave  , so that they can use it   switch  off  your  daily  needs  like  debit  cards ,  smart  card  and  other  online services .  Their motive is to create a cashless society and make  people completely  depended on data grids . So that they  can  manipulate  data  and  information  for  their  purpose  and  even  blackmail  their opponents .


EDWARD  SNOWDEN  is  an  American citizen and a hero for Americans who exposed these US nay ZIONIST  motives  .  He is in  asylum  in  Russia .





We   are  lucky  that  ,  RBI  partially  implements  the guidelines of   WORLD  BANK  AND   IMF , which  are   indirectly  controlled  by  Zionists , we  have a nationalized  central  bank  unlike BRITAIN , US , JAPAN and other European countries  where  central  banks  are  private  entities . But  New  World  Order  stooges  are  trying  to  intrude  our  banking  system .


SO  DUMP  THIS  “AADHAARLESS”  AADHAAR PROJECT , or  at  least  give  it  a  proper debate  time. Government  is  not  made  to  force  its  will  on people . Democracy  strengthens  with proper system  doesn’t matter  if  it  is  slow , it contains consensus of majority at least on the schemes like this   . Their is no guarantee your data will  not be  misused  and monitored .  Biometrics can be used to some extent to track criminals , terrorists and their activities .



What kind of society you expect ? A trapped , Completely Monitored , enslaved under foreign forces or a sovereign one.

What about personal freedom and civil rights ?

Do you want to be totally controlled by banking oligarchs ?

Do you want an American company like L1 identity, that works for US INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES , to grab your data?

If their is no law , no act binding this scheme , who will held accountable if their will be a data leakage ?

Since a similar  biometrics project has failed  in  Britain , who will ensure that our world’s largest biometrics project will be in safe hands  ?

If   Supreme   Court   of   India   has  made   AADHAAR CARD   unnecessary  to  avail  public  services , why   should  we  beg  for  UID  number infront  of  the  centers ?









  1. People reading the article below should know one thing that I am no where against globalization as it is a natural process and is being going on from centuries , so now the question is why i have stated  the term ‘FRAUD GLOBALIZATION’ , and why it is evident to me.. !! . To know about this  we need to dip into history .

  2. The bitter truth will  be exhumed in the article below , which will  be disturbing to the commons   but at the same time , i hope , it will work as an eye opener. Thanks to internet ,people are discussing these things  frequently ,other wise our sold media will never throw this on prime time and the reason is very evident which i will publish below.


  4. I have categorized  globalization into three phases, 1) the ancient phase 2) after the attack of foreigners  in India till  1947 3) and the phase after the formation of  UN (united nations) till date

  5. ***Ancient globalization was the “real  globalization”, as it included  mutual transfer of goods and promoted cultural  expansion along with knowledge flow . Irony is ,in terms of India it always meant money and  knowledge drain. India was well  known for its artistic industries like marble work, stone carving, jewellery brass work, copper  bell-metal  wares , wood carving etc. the cast pillar near Delhi is a testament to the high level  of metallurgy existed in India. Researches are already bringing pain to whole Europe, that even in ancient times when Indians lived a lavishing life , rest of the Europe were in half  kilometre deep ice.

  6. ***The second phase of globalization was the search and greed for power  coupled with search for the science and technology and world eyed that in India . Upnaishads and Vedas were stolen and  used by scholars all over the world , its not a big secret now days that Pythogorus studied in Kerala and theft the famous Pythogorus Theorem, value of pie ,algebra, Trignometry . Mongols and  Arabs , came India for wealth and plundered our enormous wealth , residing , in our temples , the famous somnath temple incident is known to world how Mahmud of  Ghazni in 1206, took the enormous wealth back home, is just a miniscule example . Image

  7.                                          Image

  8. While  white Invaders came for knowledge, again let me remind you , whole Europe is thriving on knowledge and wealth theft from India      they have developed universities for the research on sanskrit language , Germany , Russia are some big players .Alas…!!!…we Indians are  deteriorating ourselves.

  9. ***And the third phase came with the upsurgence of banking cartels ; the most deadliest and devastating game everplayed on earth,      with the formaton of  IMF and WORLD BANK along with UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION .

  10. 1622255_708303955857998_33689174_n

  11. let me explain you what  the hell this “NEW WORLD ORDER”  is…???

  12. The world actually works under big brother that is Zionists ,(The people of jews religion who pledge for a jews state ISRAEL , Inforamally believe in creating one world  , under one government , under one hood) ,for  which  they can do anything , starting from the defeat of Nepolean , creating WW1 , WW2 , placing of Gandhi(hold your breath) , Ambedkar , in Indian Independence as their  stooges etc etc.. and list is endless.

  13. These banking cartels are  being carried out by The famous German Jew Rothschild family , along with Rockfellers , J P Morgan, etc. The family is so powerful that it can change the regime of any country in flat one week . Rothschild family has worth more that 500 trillion dollars ,the money is enough to feed  every human on earth. ROCKFELLER IS THE SAME FOUNDATION THAT FUNDS  KEJRIWAL .

  14.                                                             Image

  15.                                                              Image

  16.  The history of every country is written and edited by the Zionists , the common masses are unaware of these things , Americans and Britishers are clever in this matter as they have started realizing who controls them , Indians have still  large a terrain to cross , thanks to Internet we can share the truth . Zionist puppet Wikipedia is all made to shape the mind in whichever way they want .

  17.                                                Image

  18. This new world order is responsible for every human suffering , destruction , pain , environmental destruction etc .

  19. EAST INDIA COMPANY, the first transnational company , who made us slave under the banner of spice trading was also owned by ROTHSCHILD , which invaded us under ROBERT CLIVE. They cultivated opium in Bihar and Bengal and transported it to China ad made them drug addict , which later helped them in invading CHINA.

  20. Rabindra Nath Tagore’s family in BENGAL was the famous  stooges  of east India Company as they were the leading opium growers , even Shanti Niketan is made of that money. Students of CBSE class 10th has a chapter in hindi , “george pancham ki naak” , where they go in search for   missing  nose of his statue . When George V visited India in 1919, a song was written for him in his honor, and song is none other than our national anthem people think it as ,it is for our country’s honor , Moti lal Nehru dedicated it to king ,later Jawahar Lal Nehru adapted it as national anthem saying VANDE MATARAM cannot be played on band .SEE the absurd reason .

  21. let us look at first  five stanzas…

  22. The Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka implies that King George V is the lord of the masses and Bharata Bhagya Vidhata is “the bestower of good fortune”. Following is a translation of the five stanzas which glorify the King:

  23. 1st stanza – (Indian) People wake up remembering your good name and ask for your blessings and they sing your glories.

  24. 2nd stanza – around your throne people of all religions come and give their love and anxiously wait to hear your kind words.

  25. 3rd stanza – Praise to the King for being the charioteer, for leading the ancient travellers beyond misery.

  26. 4th stanza – Drowned in the deep ignorance and suffering, poverty stricken,unconscious country? Waiting for the wink of your eye and your mother’s (the Queen’s) true protection.

  27. 5th stanza – in your compassionate plans, the sleeping Bharat (India)will wake up. We bow down to your feet O’ Queen, and glory to Rajeshwara (the King). This whole poem does not indicate any love for the Motherland but depicts a bleak picture. When you sing Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka, whom are you glorifying? Certainly not the Motherland. Is it God? The poem does not indicate that. It is time now to understand the original purpose and the implication of this, rather than blindly sing as has been done the past fifty years.

  28. Rabindra Nath Tagore  got noble award for this sycophancy as George V was the member of selecting panel  that       time.  In shame  Tagore requested to name Gitanjali as the work for which he got the award  .



  31. The creation of central  banks  is one of the major tools to rule the world . The Rothschild family  and its banking cartel  controls 150 central banks of  the world , including India. I am not against central banks , but when it is not under the control of  its citizen , the doubts are ought to flourish.

  32. The whole natural  idea of  Globalization is  manipulated , altered  to create the idea of global governence under Zionists , controlled  from Israel . To achieve this they introduced  UNITED NATIONS , WORLD BANK  and  IMF. The  prime greed behind these cartels ,is to control over natural resources of developing and third  world countries . Drug cartels are also one of  the main reason behind these activities.

  33. Image

    These institutions offer  loans to these vulnerable countries and bring them under their club where they ask them to privatize their resources , and  once they enter the countries then “you are gone”  . They bribe politicians and manipulate its internal  policies.

  34. The whole idea behind this paper money system is to make people slaves , any money that don’t have gold as back up is fraud . Debt is nothing but slavery. Image

  35. One cannot globalize world  into one direction  until he is very powerful , and yes these Zionists are powerful.

  36. I remember when my NCERT books explained global warming in great details , now i know it was all created to stop developing countries from producing . Let Americans explain how they can they can run heavy industries with solar panels….hehehehe… Carbon dioxide is no where responsible for global warming ,  this is a complete immoral lie , and now we have scientific proofs.

  37. You will be surprised to know that Zionists are now controlling almost every African country through subjugation carried with the help of nothing but DEBT .

  38. Let us see the example of Sudan , Sudan has been bifurcated  into north Sudan and South Sudan,South Sudan is rich in oil, so Zionists created internal tension created fake civil war and now the they are looting oil fields with the help of a Zionist company GLENCORE with a Sudanian company NILIPET,where Glencore is major share holder ,which automatically gives them control  over the natural resources . This also led the formation of central bank in South Sudan . SEE THE EVIL PROPAGANDA…. Image

  39.                                                  Image

  40.                                                         Image



  43.  And now one important message for AAPTARDS , you people believe Ambani is culprit  , right…??….no businessman makes so much money with white hands , i know this , but still i am proud of Ambani that he didn’t let my natural resources go in the hands of  Zionists. AAPTARDS have still a long way to go and NEED to learn something . The person who intend  to disintegrate my MOTHERLAND …and talks about separating Kashmir from the country and didn’t said a word  against  illegal BAngladeshis  during Delhi elections needs a tight kick on their ass ….!!!

  44. There are only five couNtries that is not in control of zionists , libya , Syria , Iran , Cuba , and  North Korea , Hungary in 2010 kicked IMF from their country .You can search this in google.

  45. We have seen what has happened to libya and Syria , same false civil war triggered  to control  the country . American tussle with North Korea is known to all.

  46.                                                     Image

  47. Globalization should be mutual and must be played on leveled ground , just like in boxing there are different weight categories , similarly one cannot globalize world by plundering others .

  48. Every country has its natural  resources and must be allowed to use in whichever way they want .Zionists are using MNCs to control the production in the countries to create their kind of order . I am not against MNCs but their working pattern is highly dubious specially American and British MNCs .FREE TRADE IS ANOTHER SUCH PROPAGANDA to destroy local wealth.


  49. In my previous article i explained  how an evil  MNC MONSANTO is destroying the planet and natural  balance and how it is responsible for farmer suicide cases .??

  50. I must tell you Monsanto is the same company which provided  dangerous pesticide DIOXIN to US army , which they used in operation “AGENT  ORANGE”  , where they bombarded this deadly pesticide on vietnamese .

  51.                                                         Image

  52.                                                      Image

  53. The country is still suffering after such destruction which caused  death of 1 lakh vietnamee soldier and  civlians 58000 American soldiers. Even Americans were against this fake war , but as i said you , Zionists can do anything.

  54.                               Image

  55.                                  Image

  56.                                Image

  57.                                  Image

  58.                               Image

  59.                               Image

  60.                              Image

  61.                                      Image

  62.                                                  Image

  63.      And people say Saddam Hussain and  Gaddafi was cruel  , all  bull shit and NONSENSE…

  64. The mining corporation of Anil Agarwal , called vedanta , is just another  tool  of  SLAVE making machinery . Vedanta has literally raped  forests of  Orissa , did our channels show this on prime time . Everything has been happening infront of our PM and  Sonia Gandhi aka Antonio Manio aka waitress aka Queen bee ….

  65. Vedanta is funded by Rothschild  banking cartel members like Citigroup , National Bank of Kuwait , ANZ , Meryl linch ,  Royal  Bank of Canada , Goldman sachs , HSBC , Deutch bank , J.P Morgan chase , ICICI etc.

  66. The university of Supernunation Scheme(USS)  pension fund ,The royal Bank of Scotland, Cheshire, Suffolk, Wolverhampton and Leicestershire county council’s pension schemes     hold large investments. The UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) helped launch Vedanta on the London Stock Exchange and continues to support the company .

  67. Our media brought this into light only when supreme court charged Vedanta for illegal mining   but again there is  complete silence .

  68. fdgdgg OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA pg-12-mining-giant

  69. This Fraud Globalization is covered  with the help of media houses , vulgarity ,pornography  , drugs strictly under the  control of Zionists . So that when people are busy in these things the original game is being somewhere else , thanks to internet again , this all is being exposed .

  70. Let me tel l  you Manmohan Singh used to work for IMF and his Zionist masters . He is a      good man but whats the use of such goodness if you can’t take decisions .We preached such sycophant for 10 years  .

  71. Every Indian must know this that Indira Gandhi was not killed because of operation BLUE STAR  , but because  she did a daring attempt to nationalize banks , and she went against zionists , who advocate privatization , naive Sikhs were used as pawns. Khalistani separatists are still being funded in UK , always remember these Zionists funds both the sides , to boost their arms supply , in my next article i will  publish which are these companies involved in arms business .

  72. Raghuram Rajan is just another pawn of IMF , where he used to work  . He is awarded with several International awards , and world’s youngest economist .Nobody at pesent times get such awards until he is a pawn. RAJAN don’t have an Indian citizenship.

  73. The whole idea is to bring countries under DEBT  and then these Zionists hit the right spot by shaping the country’s foreign policy , domestic policy ,etc . They use the policy of carrot    in one hand and  stick in other .

  74. mortgages-Propaganda-Remix-Project

  75. This artificially created  “FRAUD GLOBALIZATION”  is to snatch one’s soverneighty  by means of money , which is popularly termed as NEO- IMPERIALISM . This endless misery never captures the eye of media .

  76. False 9/11 attack was created to invade oil rich countries , by non other than Zionists .

  77. hul;i;

  78. I can bet you they can’t utter a word against Monsanto and the banking cartel . They will shit in their pants before using the name of  Rothschild .

  79. America’s occupy wall street movement last year was against these Zionists .No media channel threw those banners on TV.

  80. Save your country before you become slaves again , See the world around , its different from what you believe and nurture in your brain.

  81. Zionists can do anything to create their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT  .

  82. “hum barbaad hote hain kyunki hum khud ko barbaad  hone dete hain. “

  83. Negligence causes destruction and awareness in right direction can save us from destruction.

  84. JAI HIND.

  85. indian-flag



While people are busy in discussing honey singh’s lirically idiotic songs, discussing sunny leone’s latest nonsense movie. While these wannabe English class or brown sahibs of our country is busy in bullying our religion and culture. There are some more important issues that our electronic media is running away from. These issues affects the future of our country.

In the article below i will be describing , what are genetically modified crops(GMOs), what is Monsanto, how it is an evil, who are pushing these crops in our country, who are poisoning our motherland, how it is related to the common masses, and what is the prime reason behind farmer suicides in India ????


In simple language, the natural or organic crops have the ability produce their own seeds, which gives farmer independence to use their own seeds , but GMOs destroy the ability of crops to produce seeds by themselves, as it doesn’t need pollination process rather it uses pesticides as the trigger to produce .  In simple words crops become sterile (baanjh).                                                                                                                                        Image

The particular gene added to most corn crops is a type of BT-toxin produced from Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria. Genetic engineers remove the gene that produces the Bt in bacteria and insert it into the DNA of corn (and cotton) plants. Genetic engineers claim that Bt-toxin is quickly destroyed in human stomachs — and even if it survived, it won’t cause reactions in humans or mammals ,this is the most immoral lie of the planet. Bt toxin is readily passing into the human bloodstream. Bt-toxin does causes adverse health effects in humans. Cancer is more likely to happen due to these crops.


Terminator seed is a new kind of genetically engineered seeds which only grows when a special type pesticide is used . Literally pesticides are used as a trigger to generate crops. These are again sterile seeds (BAANJH) . As we know pollination is a  process of transfer of pollen grains from one plant to another which results in fertilization and adding to the shock GMO plants are incapable of doing so , basically it means terminator seeds lock the profit of the company by not allowing plants to pollinate . and every time farmers have to beg for the seeds before seed banks owned by evil companies like MONSANTO and Frankenstein.

And most important is to remember that these seeds are highly influential as they easily contaminate other crops through wind , water and soil , and once this enters in air it  becomes unstoppable .


Monsanto is among the first  American companies , that started genetical research and now they are the leader of GMO market around the globe . Monsanto is the world’s most evil corporation of the planet owned by Rockfeller family and Rothschild who owned East India company.

Monsanto came to India in 1995,  through a  joint venture with an Indian company Mahyco. In 1997-98, Monsanto started illegal field trials , due to which THE RESEARCH FOUNDATION FOR SCIENCE , TECHNOLOGY AND ECOLOGY sued Monsanto in Supreme Court of India and Monsanto was debarred to sell seeds till 2002. but Parliamentary recommendation allowed Monsanto to do trials.


And after the damning report of India’s parliamentary committee on Bt crops in August 2012, the panel of technical experts appointed by the Supreme Court recommended a 10-year moratorium(suspension) on field trials of all GM food and termination of all ongoing trials of transgenic crops.


This 10 year trial between 2002 and 2012 has already caused huge murks to Indian Agriculture . Farmers started committing suicide, which was not primarily because of monsoon delay as advertised by our foreign funded media houses. It was due to debts (karz).

let me put it in this way,

Farmers were forced to buy crops from Monsanto with the help of loans which they borrowed from local landholders and banks. As it also needed pesticides the cost started rising , adding to the misery , they realized that these genetically modified crops needed much more water than organic crops which resulted in crop failure and led to such large number of suicides. Monsanto made huge profits and at the same time our gullible farmers were committing suicide . This debt trap this evil company crippled our farmers.






On december 2013, Union minister for environment and forests Jayanti natarajan resigned because she differed from Sharad Pawar who is very keen to push GMOs in the market despite of the fact that Maharastra/vidarbha is the most affected by GMOs ,is  Pawar’s home land . Monsanto is very powerful company which bribes ministers and officials of the countries to push its influence in the market.




Now the question is why our electronic media is not giving importance to such an issue of high intensity.The answer is simple and straight , media is foreign funded , their are more interested in throwing Rable Rouser Kejriwal and paltan on prime time rather than discussing such issue.


Monsanto is using people as experiment items, their was a march  rganized all over the world against Monsanto on 25th may 2013, did our media showed this…??? , answer is NO , because they are funded by the same Monsanto owners.


I can bet you our media don’t have the guts to utter a word against Monsanto , thanks to internet we can unite ourselves .

It must be noted here that Monsanto has been banned in Europe. You can find list of the countries that have banned Monsanto.


Then question is why Mr Manmohan Singh is so keen to push GMOs to our motherland, answer is again simple, he is showing his sycophancy towards the Rothschild family, literally this man has caused some great damages to our country about which people are still unaware.

Our electronic media is in cahoots with Kejriwal and paltan and  has been successful in deviating such issues that affects the life of common people and our gullible farmers.

Big malls and super markets around the globe has food products labelled as GMOs and non GMOs.

Who cares about Bharat Mata, when bags are full of money and power. Destruction planned by new world order stooges around the globe are taking its shape thanks to our NEGLIGENCE .

And now something important for the people who worship Bill gates as a hero, Bill gates is a stock owner in Monsanto corporation.


It is too dangerous to let corporations control our food. Monsanto along with Zionists aim to control world food production in 10 years straight.




Its time for Indians to wake up and ask for some serious explanation from Manmohan Singh.

let me tell you our banks are already in control of the Rothschild family . Manmohan Singh and Raghuram Rajan are just one of their latest puppets , beware of these Deshdrohis.

I would request my Deshbhakt Indians to stand for our motherland . Make people aware before its too late. Shed some tears for our farmers who gave up their lives because of the negligence of our prime minister and waitress.

Let this bee eliminator , crop eliminator not enter our markets.

Your views are welcomed…:)